Proceso de preparación


This process is provide the first steps to be able to live on light.


This is a 4 day online course where with small steps we will begin to familiarize ourselves with being able to hold on to light.

The goal of this course is to raise the light in our body. Some people will eat less and lighter than before, thanks to the presence of light in its manifestation. But the goal is not to stop eating, it is more to experience a pranic state in all levels of life. Pranic state means living with love in abundance, in union with all.


Ideal for people who want

  • To experience what it is to live by light and- love
  • Who have already made some steps or processes but they have not arrived where they wanted.
  • Who want to prepare for the light body activation retreat. It is not mandatory, but it helps a lot in the process.
  • Who want to cleanse and understand the body, or they want help to cure from some diseases.

The participants are preparing themselves. They will integrate this new energy little by little in their bodies. The program is 4 days long, but the work continues for months after, integrating what has already been learned. In order to be able to experience the change in all the levels it is important to leave space and time for the integration. During this process we are increasing the frequency in our body, that at first will give us relief but then we have to get used to this new state and gain an understanding of it.


What do you really get from the process:

  • You will open channels to receive prana
  • Know and experience living on light
  • Learn to love yourself
  • Find your truly essence
  • Cure or improve some disease, find their roots
  • Gain tips on how you can heal yourself
  • Transform the subconscious to the conscious level. Bring it to the surface.
  • Detoxify on four levels
  • Raise the frequency of the physical body, improve connection and meditation.


The process is intelligent and at the beginning  you automatically contact to the higher self, so each process is different and depends on the individual.

We will do a detoxification on four levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Very good for curing emotional or energetic blocks and even different diseases that until now you could not find a cure for.

Most of the work will be done by you, I only give you instructions to be able to get where you want to be.

You will gain a deeper understanding how the body and the mind works.

This process is the first module to help to prepare the body to live a unique experience. Experience a higher frequency; be connected to your inner self. Live a more conscious life, thus preventing emotions from being stored up in the subconscious and causing blockages in the physical, energetic body.


Un proceso de vuelta al Ser.
A medida que han ido avanzando los días, me he sentido más conectada con la vida, con la alegría de vivir y con mi Ser.

Una vez finalizado el proceso de 4 días, la conexión permanece envolviéndome en una sensación de paz y Amor, una sensación de Plenitud que me hace sentir como un Ser completo.

€ 600


Vivir del prana significa, vivir de amor, libremente en todos los aspectos de la vida.