Adrienn Light


Energy Portal* Channeller* Light Body Experience* 5D Consciousness* Prana

Channeller- Healer
Highly Sensitive Children Specialist

Certificated Naturopath
Practitioner of German New Medicine

My spiritual path started in my early ages. I always was very sensitive that manifested on the physical level also in the form of allergies, asthma, Candida, digestive problems ….

In 2014 started with the raw vegan diet then two years only fruits. In 2016 came the call to do the process of living on light (that moment I did not want to stop eating, I did to experiment). Although the goal was not that but during the process my incarnation was changed to a light body. Then came a time to know and discover this new body, new life. In 2018 the puzzle was completed and I understood why all this happened to me. That moment my guides invited me to give talks, lectures on the topics that I am channeling and be a facilitator of light body activations in other persons as well. This is how my 7-day process was born, “Light Body Activation Process”, where me with my guides and other beings, activate the light body in the participants.

Apart from that service, I am a medium, an energetic healer, a bridge between the Source and the 3. Dimensions.

I live with my husband and my dear daughters and in my daily life I am a mother of a family.